Three Tips for Making Your Dental Site More Mobile-Friendly

More than 200 million Americans use their mobile devices to access internet search engines. How many of these do you suppose are looking for dental offices nearby? If your dental practice isn’t easy to access via mobile search, or if your website appears skewed or takes way too long to load on a mobile phone or tablet, you could hand business over to your more mobile-savvy competitors. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to control the way your website looks and functions via mobile search.

1. Test Your Site

It’s possible all your worry is unnecessary. Depending upon who built the website for your dental practice, it may already check all the boxes that make it mobile-compatible. You can check by visiting Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Link. Enter your URL in the box and click Test URL. Google will run a quick search to see how well your site performs via mobile search. If all is well, you’ll see a screenshot of your main page and a message that says Page is Mobile Friendly. If your site is performing subpar, you can click on the Mobile Usability Report to see what went wrong.

2. Tweak Your Site’s Responsiveness

Responsive design means that your site looks nice across all digital devices, from a computer screen to a tablet or smartphone. Responsive design is built into many website templates. So if you built your own site via platforms such as WordPress or GoDaddy, you probably used a responsive template. Then again, if your website is an older site that was built years ago and hasn’t been updated, you may want to hire someone to tweak your site’s responsiveness.

3. Focus on Loading Speed

If it takes your site 5 seconds or more to load on a mobile device, you’ve already lost a large segment of the population that’s not willing to wait. While 5 seconds sounds ridiculously fast, when talking website loading times, it’s practically prehistoric. Talk to your web designer about lag and loading times to bring your website up to mobile standards.

If you’d like experienced help to improve the mobile friendliness of your dental website, call Digital Healthcare Professionals today for a consultation.


5 Keys to Building the Best Brand Image for Your Optometry Office

Brand image is more than a logo; it is your identity as a service provider. Optometry practices need a good brand image just the same as any other service provider. Here are a few keys to building the best brand image for your optometry office.

1. Choose a Unique Logo

A logo is only one small part of your brand image, but it remains ever-important. Humans automatically associate visual imagery with products and services. A unique logo can actually help with the recollection of your brand, your optometry office, and your service.

2. Establish Your Brand Mission

A brand mission establishes your purpose as a service provider and how that will affect your customer base. A good brand mission can work as a foundation for everything you do, whether it is managing a social media profile or building a website.

3. Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience may seem like it is everyone when you are in the healthcare industry. However, you likely have a sect of the population that is more interested in your services according to what you provide. For instance, if you offer eye care and glasses, this is a duo of services certain people are going to be looking for. Establish your brand image around your target audience and you can see better results with marketing efforts.

4. Decide What Sets Your Practice Apart

What is it about your optometry practice that makes it unique? Sometimes, this one simple thing can be the key to building the most personalized brand image. It could be something like the ambiance in the office or a special service you provide, but just about every practice has something to offer that not every other does.

5. Harness the Power of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the key to succeeding as a health service provider in the modern world. Good strategies can build your brand image to be as recognizable as possible on a larger scale. For example, a well-designed website or stellar social media presence can really grant your eye care practice some much-needed attention in the industry.

Work with a Digital Marketing Agency for Help 

Your brand image speaks volumes for your optometry practice. But, sometimes you can be too close to the operation and too busy to properly hone the image for the best outcome. If you would like help with your digital marketing plan, including your brand image, reach out to us at Digital Healthcare Professionals for Help.


Humanizing Your Optometry Website: Making Clients Care About Your Business

Why do you shop where you shop? Which local services do you frequent regularly, and why? As a small business owner — the owner of a local optometry practice — asking yourself these questions may give you better insight into why your clients chose you over the competition. And once you understand the answers, you can use them to make your website more appealing to more people.

It’s all about making your practice feel more personable. How do you do this? You remind visitors to your site that you’re just like them. Here’s what we recommend.

Invest in Your Local Community

Being invested means more than just giving money to local charities. It also means sponsoring your hometown little league team and allowing the local girl scouts to sell cookies on your sidewalk. Being community conscious goes a long way toward building consumer trust in your optometry practice. Use your website as a tool for announcing all you do for your hometown. Post colorful images of the big game you helped sponsor, and congratulate this year’s local recipients of the scholarship your practice helped fund.

Allow the Community to Interact With Your Page

Add a forum to your website that allows visitors to ask questions, leave reviews, and discuss the service they received at their last appointment. Make sure you monitor this page, or pay someone to monitor and respond to it daily. Showing the local population that you care about their feelings and opinions is another great experiment in trust-building.

Show Your Human Side

What’s happening in your life right now? What’s happening in the lives of your employees? You can share happy announcements such as weddings, births, and milestones without being invasive. Posting images from your receptionist’s retirement party with her permission is plain good business. It makes your practice appear human and makes people want to invest in your success.

For more ideas on how to make your optometry website more successful, contact Digital Healthcare Professionals today.


How to Social Media: A Guide for Dental Professionals

As the owner of a dental practice, are you making the most of your social media presence? Is your dental office accessible via the big three — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Social media is a wondrous tool for capturing local traffic, but to use it correctly, you must appeal to people’s emotions. Give your followers a reason to frequent your practice over your competitors. Do this by posting content that’s important to your audience and by posting it frequently enough that they remember your name when it’s time to book a dental appointment. Here’s what we recommend.

Humanize Your Business

Social media is all about building communities. Become an active member by posting content that makes you appear human and approachable. Did someone in your dental office just have a baby? Celebrate it on social media. Does your dental hygienist have a son who just graduated college with honors? Brag, brag, brag. Post pictures of your newly renovated waiting area and weekly bios of your dental professionals. Let viewers know your business is sponsoring that 5K run for cancer and that your daughter just got married. People love to patronize businesses they trust. Every time you post something personal and humanizing about your practice, you’re building trust and recognition.

Make Important Information Easy to Find

Everyone should know your office hours and what days of the week you schedule dental appointments. They may also need your physical address and directions to your area locations. Put this information out there on social media so your dental practice is easy to find and contact.

Make Sure Viewers Know What You Do

Are your dental services listed in an easy-to-read format? Will visitors to your social media pages realize that your practice is also equipped to perform emergency oral surgery or that you can help straighten their child’s teeth with braces? Get your services online and make them easy to find and scan at a glance.

When you need help to build a social media presence for your dental practice, Digital Healthcare Professionals knows what to do. Contact us today for a free quote. We can help you make the most of your social media opportunities.

Professional Dentist tools and chair in the dental office.

Geo-Targeting for Dentists: How to Increase Your Local Customer Base

You’ve probably heard the term geo-targeting. You may even realize that it’s a marketing term that means aiming your advertising content toward local traffic. But how can you use geo-targeting to help increase the amount of business that frequents your dental practice? As a business owner, you have many options for geo-targeting. We explain several of them below.

Build a Geo-Fence

A Geo-Fence is best described as a virtual perimeter around a real-world location. For example, with help from a digital marketing firm such as Digital Healthcare Professionals, you can designate a physical area that encompasses the location of your dental practice. When a visitor with a mobile device steps inside that perimeter, they trigger your geo-fence, meaning they begin receiving ads for your business for up to 30 days. You can put whatever you like in those ads, such as a coupon for a free cleaning or dollars off a dental procedure of choice. You can erect your virtual geo-fence wherever you want, including the blocks around your competitors’ offices, too.

Add Your Location To Your SEO

It’s difficult to find high-performing search engine keywords these days without spending tons of money. However, by adding your office location to popular terms that people search for on Google, you can optimize your search engine results for local business affordably. For instance, if a majority of people are searching Google for “best dental office near me,” you can cash in on that term by using “best dental office near me West Main Street, Paducah.”

Localize Your Landing Page

Because geo-targeting lets you read the visitor’s location when they click through to your site, you can create location-specific landing pages for different demographics. As an example, a visitor that pings from a nearby suburban neighborhood may see a page that’s slanted toward preventive dental care for families. Alternately, a visitor who pings from a business park across town may see a page dedicated to improving the appearance of adult smiles. The more you learn about the prospective clients who visit your site, the better suited you are to appeal to their needs. This is what geo-targeting is all about. We can get you started. Contact Digital Healthcare Professionals today.


Improving the Search Engine Results for Your Optometry Office

As an optometrist, you’re required to know a lot about disorders of the eye and how to care for them. You’re not, however, required to know a lot about search engine results pages (SERPS). Still, if you want to utilize your website to its full advantage, it benefits you to have an optometry site that ranks well in Google search. Therefore, it’s good to have a digital marketing firm on hand to help handle the non-eye-related aspects of your business.

What Are SERPS and Why Should I Care About Them?

Your search engine results are important because they let new customers find your business. If your optometry site is buried on page 17 of Google search, no one will ever find you there. Your optometry practice needs to rank well with Google to stay competitive. Here’s how.

Add Quality Content

To what questions do visitors to your site need answers? Figure out what questions people are Googling when looking for a local optometrist and then add content to your site that answers these questions. For instance, people may type “When Do I Need an Optometrist?” into Google search when trying to decide whether to book an appointment. This is your cue to put up a well-written article that answers this very question, with bonus points for using the question as the title.

Additionally, content posted on your site must be easy to scan quickly. This means using subtitles, bulleted lists, images, and more to your best advantage. Short paragraphs are best.

Optimize Speed

Content is king, but speed is important, too. No online visitor is going to wait minutes or even seconds for your website to load. Your site to be responsive so it loads quickly without glitching or freezing up. Using an online template that features responsive design can help you achieve this.

Optimize Images for Search

Online readers love images, but they have to be high-quality images that load easily and are interesting to view. Use alt tags in your images, and caption them using popular keywords in your niche. Doing so will help your site rank higher in Google search.

Digital Healthcare Professionals can help improve where your site falls in the SERPS. Call us today for a custom quote.