Narrowing Down Your Needs: Marketing Goals in Optometry

Despite all of the advice out there about marketing, it’s still common to come across businesses that have a hard time defining what they’re looking for. Part of this phenomenon stems from confusion about what your ROI should be from each marketing campaign (because ROI is often far less straightforward than it seems). The other part is often a failure to think through each key metric. If you’re interested in better marketing in San Diego, CA, we’ll give some tips for optometrists who are serious about hitting their marketing goals.

1. Consider All of Your Options

Optometrists have a very special skill set. When it comes to marketing, there needs to be plenty of consideration paid to how your talents can match the needs of different populations. For instance, if you want to make 10% more revenue this year, you have to define where that money is coming from:

  • Upgrades: Are you hoping to sell new services to your existing clientele?
  • New patients: Do you want to make more appointments with new patients?
  • Engagements: Can you make money by giving speeches?
  • Research: Would new research generate better partnerships or sponsorships?
  • Consulting: Can you use your talents to do part-time consulting for major organizations?

All of these are new initiatives, but the marketing goals of each one will vary considerably from one option to the next.

2. Consider Your Parameters

Parameters in marketing can frustrate even the best marketers, largely because they are subjective to each business. Let’s say that you run an SMS campaign for your patients where you send reminder texts before their appointments. This campaign results in higher customer satisfaction but seemingly no new referrals. If you declare this campaign a waste of time and money because there was no direct correlation to a boost in income, you can easily miss out on how the extra consideration for your patients resulted in better retention, easier upsells, and (eventually) new referrals.

3. Find the Right Partner

Optometry marketing in San Diego, CA demands time and energy that most offices simply don’t have to spare. If you’re looking for professionals who can dive straight into a project, determine what you need, and then get to work, contact Digital Healthcare Professionals for your best chance of success.

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