3 Ways for General Dentists to Stand Out in San Diego

General dentists in San Diego offer similar services to their patients. After a while, it can all start to blur together for anyone doing their research on behalf of themselves and their family. If you don’t want to get swallowed up in the crowd, we’ll look at what you can do to help your digital presence stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Customizable Content

Your dental blog and website in San Diego, CA, should include details that make your office special. So, if you’re investing in all the latest equipment that makes appointments faster and easier to get through, this should be front-and-center for patients who don’t have a lot of time or patience. If you have some of the most experienced staff in the business, this can help you catch the eye of people with more complicated dental issues. Your web pages and blog articles should detail what your patients can expect and why you have the edge.

Social Media Management

If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to your website, you can boil down your communication on social media. These are excellent ways to boost your public image by engaging with the people in your community. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you’re seeing and how it’s affecting people! For instance, maybe you’re seeing more people grinding their teeth or more gum recession due to electric toothbrushes. This kind of information can provoke people to take part in the discussion and to remember your name when they need help.

Partner with Digital Marketing Experts in San Diego

The right digital marketing strategies in San Diego can make a major difference for dentists. These partners can tell you more about how your website ranks alongside your competitors and why you might be falling behind. Whether you’re concerned about reputation management or your SEO, you can get all the answers as to how you can start pulling ahead.

However you choose to define yourself, the staff at Digital Healthcare Professionals is there to support you every step of the way. If you’re ready to bring your practice up to the next level, we’re here to help you get ahead.

Customer Segmentation and AI for Optometry Offices: What to Know

Optometry offices can help a diverse group of patients keep their vision crisp and clear for their entire lives. When it comes to marketing your services to potential patients, it helps to understand what exactly each person is looking for. Customer segmentation is the art of breaking down the needs of each group, so you’re not advertising cataract surgery to a young parent. Now that AI is in practically every conversation in marketing, we’ll look at whether it can work for you.

AI Marketing for Optometry Offices in San Diego

Artificial intelligence is largely seeing a lot of traction in lead generation and chatbots, two tools that can ultimately lead to better customer segmentation. When you’re able to target the right people in your city, then it’s easier to gather information about what they’re looking for so you can send each patient offers and services that they need. The best marketing for optometrists in San Diego will be as specific as possible, speaking directly to the person on their level.

For instance, let’s say that you have an AI chatbot that interacts with a potential patient after the office is closed. The patient is asking about their child’s eyeglass prescription, and wants to know more about how fast their eyes might be changing over the course of the year. In this case, AI could help you compile a stronger profile for this prospect, as you’ll have learned that they have a young child who wears glasses. From there, you can collect contact information before sending them information on what your eye exams cover, what insurance you accept, and even general information on vision trends in children and young adults.

Marketing Professionals in San Diego

AI has shown a lot of promise in helping marketers find their niche, no matter what profession you happen to be in. If you’re looking for AI marketing services for your optometry office in San Diego, Digital Healthcare Professionals has been able to help optometrists of all specialties build their patient base. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s more appointments or a boost in revenue, we can show you the tactics to take to catch people’s attention in a competitive city.

Are You Spending Too Much on Your Email Campaigns?

Email is a low-cost way for dentists to create more engagement with their patients, but let’s face it, low-cost isn’t the same as free. Plus, even if you’re doing all of the work yourself, that’s still time you could be spending elsewhere. We’ll look at a few things that you should keep in mind when you’re segmenting, crafting, sending, and analyzing the emails for your dental practice in San Diego, CA.

How Much Should You Be Making?

First things first: the most common statistics you’ll hear about marketing is 5:1, meaning you should be making about five times whatever you invest in your marketing efforts. Since email campaigns certainly fall under this category, you might be tempted to start defining your success based on this figure.

However, keep in mind that this is definitely not the only way to calibrate how well your emails are performing with your audience. Sometimes, you might need to reach out several times before you even get even a marginal response back. Consistency is usually far more important to your bottom line than straight ROI from a particular campaign.

Who Are You Talking to?

Your content is going to be pivotal when it comes to the efficacy of your email campaigns. A busy parent with three kids isn’t going to want to be reminded that just one of them needs a checkup. A distracted professional may not even pay attention to an email unless they know that your dental practice is in their insurance network. If you’re too busy sending generic messages (and you’re wondering if you’re spending too much), chances are they’re falling on deaf ears.

Digital Marketing for Dentists in San Diego

Dental marketing in San Diego, CA is very much a balance between who your patients are and what they’re looking for. Spending too much on marketing is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, but it’s likely that most dental professionals could at least use some clarification on the matter. If you’re looking for an analysis on the matter, contact Digital Healthcare Professionals for more information. We can evaluate what you’re spending, how much you’re bringing in, and how it compares to your peers in the city.

The 4 BIG Rules of Content-Building for Your Dental Websites Service Pages

In the digital world, content is invaluable. The words you integrate onto your dental practice’s website pages bear a lot of responsibility. The content is naturally important for sharing information, but the content on a website also matters for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, building brand voice, and more. As you work to draft written content for your custom website’s dental service pages, be sure to follow these ever-important rules.

1. Make the content scannable

Readability is hugely important for web page visitors, especially those looking for quick information about a health-related service. When prospective patients land on a service page, they will want:

  • Rapid answers to the questions they have about that dental service
  • Content that is clearly laid out, so they can find answers quickly
  • Clear statements to divide the content into easy-to-read sections

The more scannable the content is, the faster an individual will be able to find what they want to know. Therefore, use headings, bullet points, and short paragraphs, so the content is easily scannable.

2. Make the content approachable

It is important to portray your knowledge as a dentist on service pages for sure. However, avoid making the content so technical and heavy on medical jargon that you lose your readers. Strive for a more conversational tone using terminology that people understand, especially with pages related to a complicated dental service like oral surgery or temporomandibular joint disorders.

3. Make the content match your brand voice

Continuity in voice makes the reader feel comfortable. In other words, you will want the visitor to recognize your brand voice whether they land on a service page, a blog post, or otherwise. For instance, if your pediatric dental practice generally offers a parent-geared voice, this personality should be reflected on service pages.

4. Make the content informational

Most importantly, make sure the content offered on your service pages answers the questions a site visitor would have by navigating to that page. For example, if you have a dental implant service page, consider what the visitor would be looking to learn. Strive to answer those questions in a clear way in your service page content.

Get Help with Your Dental Practice’s Website Content

Need help building an effective content strategy for your dental practice website? Reach out to the team at Digital Healthcare Professionals for help. We have the experience to help with everything from building a good reputation and a custom website to incorporating written content that works hard for your business.

3 Things Patients Learn from a Healthy Social Media Presence for Your Optometry Office

You don’t have to look too closely to see all the ways in which social media has evolved society and our lives. Every day, there are 3.5 billion active social media users around the globe, which is nearly half of the entire planet’s population. If your optometry practice has yet to develop a social media marketing plan, you may be missing out. Here is a look at just a few of the things patients can learn when you have a healthy social media presence for your optometry office.

Patients learn what services you have available.

Optometry services are not all the same. Providers can have different areas of specialty, some offices have an optics center, and the patients treated can differ. Being poised on social media with a good presence allows you the opportunity to show what kinds of services your office offers. For example, if you offer Lipiflow treatment for dry eye, laser cataract removal, or specific care for pediatric patients, these would be services you could highlight on your social media pages.

Patients learn your general brand personality.

Your brand personality sets you apart from the rest. When you are active o social media, it gives people the opportunity to get to know your brand, who you are, and the kind of personality they can expect. When it comes to looking for service providers in the medical field, having a provider who seems familiar can make every in-person interaction much more comfortable.

Patients learn how responsive you are to patient concerns.

Responsiveness yields a human touch to your optometry brand, and social media gives the opportunity to be even more responsive than just by phone. Patients frequently interact with care providers on their social media pages, within their posts, and via the integrated messaging system. When a patient feels that you are accessible and responsive, it fosters a sense of trust.

Get Help with Your Digital Marketing Plans as an Optometrist

With a good digital marketing plan in place, your optometry website can gain much more traction digitally and in the real world. If you need assistance with getting your optometry website noticed, including by maximizing your reach through social media, reach out to us at Digital Healthcare Professionals for more information.



3 Ways a Good Social Media Marketing Strategy Benefits Your Optometry Practice

About 45 percent of the population in the modern world uses social media on a regular basis. While the primary use of social media may be to stay connected to others, people are also looking to social media to find out about businesses, including eye care service providers. Here is a look at a few good reasons to build a good social media marketing strategy for your optometry practice.

1. Patients often look to social media to get a “feel” for your practice.

When a social media page is well-created and the owner appears to be active, patients and prospects can go to your profiles to get an idea of what your practice is all about. Regular posts about your practice, patient experiences, and other pertinent information build your brand persona. Numerous people turn to social media profiles and pages to get an idea of what practitioners are like before they decide they will trust them for treatment.

2. Social media marketing can generate lead traffic to your site.

Building your social media pages on sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook gives you the opportunity to share pertinent information that leads back to your website. For example, you can create posts about new optometry services you have to offer, information about certain eye conditions, or otherwise and those posts can contain links to your website.

3. Using social media makes you seem more accessible to the average patient.

Social media is all about building connections, and the same holds true for businesses that take the time to establish good presences on social media. When potential patients or existing patients have the opportunity to communicate with you on social media, it makes your optometry practice seem accessible. For example, if you have an active messenger on Facebook (used by 68 percent of adults) and take the time to respond to queries, both prospective and existing patients will appreciate how easy it is to get in touch with your practice. About 71 percent of people who have a positive experience with a service provider on social media will recommend the service provider to people they know.

Work with Digital Marketing Pros for Your Optometry Practice 

While managing social media marketing can be an added layer of responsibility, it can be invaluable for your optometry practice. If you need expert advice about your digital marketing strategy, reach out to us at the Digital Healthcare Professionals for advice.


How to Social Media: A Guide for Dental Professionals

As the owner of a dental practice, are you making the most of your social media presence? Is your dental office accessible via the big three — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Social media is a wondrous tool for capturing local traffic, but to use it correctly, you must appeal to people’s emotions. Give your followers a reason to frequent your practice over your competitors. Do this by posting content that’s important to your audience and by posting it frequently enough that they remember your name when it’s time to book a dental appointment. Here’s what we recommend.

Humanize Your Business

Social media is all about building communities. Become an active member by posting content that makes you appear human and approachable. Did someone in your dental office just have a baby? Celebrate it on social media. Does your dental hygienist have a son who just graduated college with honors? Brag, brag, brag. Post pictures of your newly renovated waiting area and weekly bios of your dental professionals. Let viewers know your business is sponsoring that 5K run for cancer and that your daughter just got married. People love to patronize businesses they trust. Every time you post something personal and humanizing about your practice, you’re building trust and recognition.

Make Important Information Easy to Find

Everyone should know your office hours and what days of the week you schedule dental appointments. They may also need your physical address and directions to your area locations. Put this information out there on social media so your dental practice is easy to find and contact.

Make Sure Viewers Know What You Do

Are your dental services listed in an easy-to-read format? Will visitors to your social media pages realize that your practice is also equipped to perform emergency oral surgery or that you can help straighten their child’s teeth with braces? Get your services online and make them easy to find and scan at a glance.

When you need help to build a social media presence for your dental practice, Digital Healthcare Professionals knows what to do. Contact us today for a free quote. We can help you make the most of your social media opportunities.