Should You Offer an Incentive for Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews are important for every business, and your dental practice is no exception. The more your customers talk about their positive experiences, the more likely you are to grow your revenue.

However, there’s no doubt that reviews can be a tricky business. When most people are more driven to write a negative review than a positive review, the reality is that a dentist or office manager can start to resent the whole process. If you’re tempted to incentivize reviews, we’ll look at the best practices so you don’t end up alienating your patients.

What Are Incentivized Reviews?

Incentivized reviews in San Diego, CA refer to any reward given to a customer in exchange for a review. So, you might see a sign at a coffee shop for $1 off a speciality beverage if the customer leaves a review. With a dental practice, the incentives become a little more murky. You might give away toothbrushes or samples as a little thank you for a review, or you could even consider a small discount off of a major treatment or service.

Should You Incentivize Customers for Reviews?

If you have a dental practice, the easiest choice would be to avoid incentivized reviews. This is because the ethics of the scenario get dicey. If you’re giving away an incentive, the customer may be more inclined to write a positive review of the practice than their real opinion.

However, there are ways to incentivize customers without violating a search engine’s rules or your patient’s trust. If you clearly mark which reviews were incentivized and you also make it clear to your customers that you do not expect a positive review, a small incentive can go a long way to boosting the number of reviews you have.

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