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Should You Open a Second Optometry Office?

Opening a new optometry office in San Diego, CA, may be a lot of extra work, but it’s also the opportunity to stretch your skills and grow your staff. Whether your business is steady enough to warrant a new location or you’re growing so fast that you need more support to take care of your patients, […]

Local SEO: How Far to Stretch for Your Dental Practice

Search engines have come a long way when it comes to helping the user figure out the answers to their questions. The key is for businesses to figure out how to use that technology to their advantage. If you’re designing a local SEO strategy for your dental practice in San Diego, CA, particularly if you just […]

How Much Does SEO Affect Revenue for Dentists?

If you’re a dentist, you likely wonder how your website’s SEO affects your bottom line. You might also ask a variety of questions about the type of time, money, and effort to spend on it. For instance, if most of your referrals are word of mouth, do you really need to keep up with Google’s […]

How Can Optometrists Generate Better Leads?

Lead lists are not necessarily difficult to come by for optometrists, though quality leads are a different story. If you’re pouring money into email or texting campaigns without much luck, we’ll look at what you can do to change your strategy. We’ll look at what optometrists can do to get better leads in San Diego, CA, […]