How to Make Your Dental Practice Stand Out

You worked hard to get your dental practice up and running. Now that everything’s in place, it turns out that you’ve got some competition. Whether you’ve been in practice for years or you’re new to the area, you know that people in your community have choices when it comes to choosing a dental practitioner. That’s why you need a professional dental marketing agency like Digital Healthcare Professionals. We know how to make your dental practice stand out!

Use Your Website Like a Front-facing Office

Start with a custom website that offers a great user experience. Your site visitors should find easy navigation, a pleasant aesthetic, and all the information they want. This requires:

  • a beautiful design
  • fast-loading pages
  • intuitive navigation links
  • abundant blog posts on relevant topics
  • multiple ways to contact your office
  • and more…

Be Everywhere, All at Once

Thanks to social media, your online presence can extend beyond your physical office and your website. You need to be where your prospective patients are: Facebook, X, Instagram, and even online chat forums like Reddit. Of course, you’re a dentist, and it’s unlikely that you want to spend your own time or your paid dental assistants and staff time posting things to social media. You need a professional dentist marketing agency like Digital Healthcare Professionals to manage your social media so your dental practice can stand out among the competition.

Make SEO a Priority

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of getting noticed by search engines to bring traffic to your site. There are different kinds of SEO, including on-page SEO and local SEO, as well as others. You need to prioritize every kind of SEO in your marketing scheme. But again, this is something that you are not likely an expert in doing. Yet, it’s a key consideration that will make your dental practice stand out when done correctly. This is a service that your dental practice marketing agency can provide, ensuring that you have every variety of SEO working in your favor!

Digital Healthcare Professionals is based in San Diego, CA. However, we serve dental practices throughout the country. We have decades of combined experience marketing dental practices just like yours. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help to get your dental practice noticed!


3 Tips for Encouraging Positive Reviews of Your Optometry Practice

Did you know that 90 percent of patients evaluate healthcare providers, including optometrists, by their online reputation? With that being said, it is easy to understand why reputation management can be so important for your optometry practice. Part of reputation management is encouraging people to say something nice about your practice online, via online reviews or otherwise. Here are a few tips to help you encourage positive reviews.

1. Offer follow-up emails with a link to provide feedback.

If a patient has offered you their email for appointment reminders and other pertinent care information, be sure to use that line of communication to also request positive feedback. For example, after a patient has visited the office, send them a thank you email with a quick link where they can offer their feedback about the experience.

2. Welcome patient feedback in the office.

There is nothing wrong with requesting feedback face to face. If a patient visits the office and is especially happy with their experience, hand them over a business card with details about how to leave a review. Or, simply mention that you love to get feedback and let the patient know how they can share their experience. You may be surprised about how many patients are more than willing to leave a positive review.

3. Request a review on your office’s social media profile.

Social media is a casual way to keep in touch with your patients, but many social media platforms have areas where followers can leave a review of your business. Some patients will automatically gravitate to these social reviews because they feel they are especially reliable. If you don’t yet have a lot of online reviews, on your social media pages or otherwise, create a post that requests feedback from patients with quick links to review areas.

Find Help with Reputation Management for Optometry Practices

Between encouraging reviews and handling social media profiles, reputation management can take a lot of time and effort. Enlisting the help of a digital marketing company that offers reputation management services is always recommended. Looking for help with managing your reputation as an optometrist? Reach out to us at Digital Healthcare Professionals for a free quote!

Pediatric Dentist looking at patient

How to Handle Online Reputation Management as a Dentist

As a medical professional, your reputation means everything. If patients lose trust in you as a dentist, it can have a detrimental effect on your career. In the age of the Internet, complaints about a medical professional are easier than ever to establish, and these online complaints can do a lot of harm. Reputation management is all about doing all you can to maintain a positive image for prospective patients in spite of the occasional negative feedback. Here are a few tips to help you along.

Pediatric Dentist looking at patient

Build your online presence on more than one avenue. 

Online presence is key as a dentist with most patients seeking information from the internet before anything else. However, you do want to make sure you have a healthy online presence in more than one respect. Make sure your profile is registered on some of the top medical professional websites like Healthgrades and get your business listed on Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The more places you are search listed, the more traction you can garner as an entity. However, when you are poised on multiple sites, a few negative reviews on one will not look so bad if you have all good feedback somewhere else.

Be responsive to negative reviews of feedback online.

No dentist is going to make every patient happy all the time. So negative reviews are bound to happen. When they do, make sure you maintain a professional persona online by being responsive to those reviews both publicly and privately. For instance, if you get a negative review on your dental practice’s Facebook page, respond with a quick apology and an offer to the reviewer to reach out to you to discuss their concerns. Doing so shows other onlookers that you care about the patient’s negative experiences and wish to make the situation better.

Encourage positive reviews from happy clients.

People do pay more attention to negative reviews; it’s human nature to notice complaints first, especially if the complaint is about a care provider you may be considering yourself. With that being said, it is easy to understand why you want as many positive reviews as possible. Positive feedback counteracts the negatives. For example, if you have 20 positive reviews and one patient with a complaint, a prospect is more likely to feel your services are fine. Encourage all of your happy patients to leave a positive review.

Work with a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Dental Practice

The better you build your online reputation as a dentist, the more successful your practice can be. If you need help or advice, reach out to us at Digital Healthcare Professionals to discuss your marketing strategy.


Attract New Oral Health Clients: Re-Building Trust During a Pandemic

Businesses are reopening all across America, yet consumers are still skittish — especially in seeing doctors and dentists. With the COVID-19 pandemic still a concern, it’s vital that your dental office rebuild trust among prospective clients.

But how?

A Robust Marketing Strategy

This is the time when an aggressive marketing strategy becomes a necessity. If you want to attract pre- and post-pandemic dental clients, you must get the word out that you’re taking every possible precaution to keep them safe. And it all begins with your online presence.

A Surge in Social Media Marketing

If your practice held only a casual presence on social media before the COVID-19 health crisis, it’s time to step up your game. Frequent posts to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will help reassure clients that by coming to you for their dental care needs, they’re taking steps to keep their families safe.

How do you rebuild trust through social media? You post frequently, at least four times a week. And the content of your posts is just as important as their frequency. Most of it should be focused on safety. Suitable posts include:

  • Video footage of your cleaning crew sanitizing your waiting room and admission area
  • Images of your waiting area with fewer seats, spaced six-feet apart
  • Testimonials from clients, touting your prevention efforts
  • Footage of your dental professionals, adequately suited up with gloves and face shields
  • Explanations of extra efforts used to sanitize dental tools and equipment

A Tweak to Your Dental Practice Website

Your website needs a colorful banner, placed front and center, that talks about the way your dental practice operates in the pandemic’s wake. Tell visitors if you have a new by-appointment-only policy to avoid crowded waiting areas. Let them know if you have scaled down operating hours to allow for increased cleaning and sanitation. Every step you’re taking to stop the spread of COVID-19 should be loud and clear and available for inspection online.

If your dental practice needs help in getting the word out that you have re-opened for business, Digital Healthcare Professionals is the solution. Call today for a custom quote.