3 Tips for Encouraging Positive Reviews of Your Optometry Practice

Did you know that 90 percent of patients evaluate healthcare providers, including optometrists, by their online reputation? With that being said, it is easy to understand why reputation management can be so important for your optometry practice. Part of reputation management is encouraging people to say something nice about your practice online, via online reviews or otherwise. Here are a few tips to help you encourage positive reviews.

1. Offer follow-up emails with a link to provide feedback.

If a patient has offered you their email for appointment reminders and other pertinent care information, be sure to use that line of communication to also request positive feedback. For example, after a patient has visited the office, send them a thank you email with a quick link where they can offer their feedback about the experience.

2. Welcome patient feedback in the office.

There is nothing wrong with requesting feedback face to face. If a patient visits the office and is especially happy with their experience, hand them over a business card with details about how to leave a review. Or, simply mention that you love to get feedback and let the patient know how they can share their experience. You may be surprised about how many patients are more than willing to leave a positive review.

3. Request a review on your office’s social media profile.

Social media is a casual way to keep in touch with your patients, but many social media platforms have areas where followers can leave a review of your business. Some patients will automatically gravitate to these social reviews because they feel they are especially reliable. If you don’t yet have a lot of online reviews, on your social media pages or otherwise, create a post that requests feedback from patients with quick links to review areas.

Find Help with Reputation Management for Optometry Practices

Between encouraging reviews and handling social media profiles, reputation management can take a lot of time and effort. Enlisting the help of a digital marketing company that offers reputation management services is always recommended. Looking for help with managing your reputation as an optometrist? Reach out to us at Digital Healthcare Professionals for a free quote!

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