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A Close Look at Why Your Dental Practice Needs a Website

Does your dental practice have a website yet? If not, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to serve all of your patients and attract new patients. Building a new website may require the help of professionals, but the effort is well worth the outcome. Here is a look at the three reasons you need a website as a dentist.

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1. Patients use the internet to make care decisions.

Around 72 percent of patients will turn to the internet to get information about healthcare providers, including dentists. While simply having your business listed on Google and patient review sites is important, your website is like your digital presence that can be used for an introduction to services.

2. Your website simplifies everyday operations.

Websites are a digital hub for information and to attract new patients, but they can also simplify several aspects of your dental practice’s operations. For example, you can integrate a chat feature that gives patients immediate access to an intelligent program to answer common questions. Likewise, you can allow patients to request appointments online instead of having to call the office. You will deter a lot of calls to the office simply by having a website, which can free up your staff members to take care of in-office objectives.

3. Get the opportunity to keep your patients informed and engaged.

Patient engagement helps to retain those patients. They will feel more in touch with your practice, so they are more likely to feel that sense of trust and familiarity and stick with you. A website gives you an easy avenue to make that happen. You can offer information about:

  • The types of services you have available
  • Changes that could affect your patients and their care
  • Special announcements, such as new service hours or insurance changes

Build an Effective Dental Website with Digital Marketing Help

At the end of the day, a good website can bring so much value to your dental practice, especially in the modern-day. If you don’t have a website for your practice or your dental website is not performing as you expect, reach out to us at Digital Healthcare Professionals to discuss how we can help.


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