3 Super Effective Ways to Market Your Optometry Practice

You have your optometry practice up and running. Now what? Marketing! That’s what. It’s not a “you build it, and they will come” proposition. In most cases, they won’t because there’s too much competition out there for that. So what can you do to get patients into your seats?

3 Super Effective Ways to Market Your Optometry Practice

You probably have some sort of marketing plan in place. But you can’t stop there. Marketing is an ongoing process. Here are some unique ideas to add to your current marketing campaigns.

1. Video

Video marketing is phenomenal. It can be used in so many ways.

  • Educational Videos

These can be used to educate your current patients. They can also be used to build your brand and brand authority by putting out videos educating the public. These branded videos then link back to your practice. And this is how they help you gain new patients.

  • Google Business Profile, Website, and Blog

Videos can also be used on your Google Business Profile, website, and blog. Talk about repurposing!

  • YouTube and Social Media Pages

You can start a YouTube Channel and share your videos there, as well as all your other social media pages. Again, repurposing!

The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Your video topics could include “what is” topics of interest, anything vision-related, trending topics, new optometry tools and techniques, etc.

2. Pay-Per-Click PPC

OK, so Google, Facebook, and other PPC ads aren’t all that unique marketing ideas. But they are oh-so effective. And they provide you with quick, immediate results. So make sure you are using this option. And if you don’t have the time or don’t know how it’s worth the money to pay a professional to do it for you.

3. Forum Participation

This is something most people don’t do. However, participating in forums is a great way to build trust, and that will help you gain new patients. It will also help you build your practice’s reputation and authority in the industry.

This is how it works. You can find forums like Reddit and any other forum that your patients and potential patients frequent. You join the group and answer questions, offer advice, and make recommendations based on the topic, mentioning that you are an optometrist.

Some forums will allow you to link back to your website, and some won’t. But people will appreciate you helping them. So, even if they don’t allow linking, people will still ask to contact you directly because you have shown that you are knowledgeable. And because you helped them, they trust you. Then you can give them your details and take it from there.

What’s Next?

Don’t let a good marketing opportunity go to waste. If you don’t have time or would like a professional to do it for you, please Contact Digital Healthcare Professionals today.

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