3 Outstanding Content Ideas for Your Dental Office Blog

Your dental office blog helps bring new patients to your website. Publishing new, relevant on a regular basis helps show patients that your dental office is active and here to serve customers.

Choosing good titles that can help answer patient questions, promote your dental office and show that your dental skills are top-notch is important. At Digital Healthcare Professionals, we can help with that.

We publishcustom dental blogs for our patients to ensure that their blog content is good for marketing and good for their patients overall. Below are three examples of the type of content that you can publish on your dental office blog.

1. Frequently Asked Questions

Make a note of the questions that patients ask most often. What are patients most confused about, or what services interest them the most? Post articles that answer questions that patients have and help dispel common patient myths.

Maybe parents think their children don’t need their first dental appointment until they’re three or four years old, or perhaps your patients think braces cost far more than they really do. These are just a few things you can help clear up with good content on your blog.

Speak with your phone staff, hygienists and other dental office staff to find out which questions are most common, and which topics come up most frequently. Think about your own daily interactions with patients as well, and use this to inform your blog articles.

2. Promotions

Do you offer a new patient discount? Or, does your dental office accept payment plans for big procedures? Does your dental office provide services that many people are unaware of? Promoting services and affordable dental prices can help bring patients to your office.

3. Oral Hygiene Tips

Patients have to manage their oral hygiene on their own, brushing their teeth at night and flossing during the day. Many patients struggle with maintaining good oral hygiene. Some patients don’t brush their teeth for long enough, while others have trouble flossing correctly. Posting oral hygiene tips on your website makes your blog more useful to patients and helps bring traffic to your page when you use relevant keywords.

Need Help Maintaining Your Blog? Talk To The Professionals

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