3 Types of Posts to Share on Your Optometry Practice’s Social Media Pages

Most professionals recognize social media as the superior marketing tool for just about any business, including healthcare. While social media profiles are easy enough to set up for your optometry practice, the true challenge comes in creating regular content that will drive customer engagement. Many practices take the approach of creating sheerly advertorial posts, which can lead to being unfollowed and losing engagement potential. The most effective social media marketing strategy involves a healthy mix of content for your profiles and pages.

Informational Posts

Informational posts are just as they sound: they offer some level of information. The topics of these posts can vary, but some good examples include:

  • Information about your practice, such as services offered or how to schedule an appointment
  • Information about specific treatments available, such as LASIK or glaucoma management
  • Information about relative eye health issues, such as eye disease statistics and resources

Community Engagement Posts

Community engagement posts are strictly built to provoke a reaction from your target customer. These posts often pose a question, have share-worthy information, or even request a comment. For example, a post may:

  • Offer a brief overview of symptoms of rare eye conditions
  • Ask patients what triggers their eye condition symptoms
  • Provide the potential for something in return, such as a free t-shirt for sharing

These posts are more likely to provoke a response from your followers, which means they can help you gain a lot of traction when it comes to followers.

Advertising Posts

Advertising posts on social media do have their place, even though every post should not be an advertisement. And, the way you propose an ad on social media can make a difference in its efficacy. For example, you could advertise that you are offering savings on prescription eyeglasses for a limited time or even share positive reviews you’ve recently received from happy patients.

Need Help with Your Social Media Marketing Plan?

A well-built social media strategy is defined by good content. If you struggle to keep your pages and profiles updated as an optometry practice, getting help from digital marketing professionals can be what garners you more digital attention and in-office visits. Reach out to us at Digital Healthcare Professionals for more information.


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