Is Your Modern Dental Website Missing These Important Features?

When a potential patient pays a visit to your dental practice’s website, they will be there for different reasons. One, they will be looking for more information about your practice. Two, they will be visiting because an outbound link led them to your site. In either case, most modern-day internet users will be looking for specific links on your site.

Social Media Links

Social media has grown to be the go-to way for prospective customers to get to know a business they are considering visiting, including healthcare professionals. Many site visitors will look for social media links on your website specifically for that reason. Therefore, these quick links should be in a visible spot across your website pages.

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Online Appointment Booking

Offering the ability to book an appointment online is a modern-day convenience for any dental patient. This can save them from placing a phone call when text and email communication may actually be the preference among some groups. Additionally, online appointment booking can reduce in-office call volume substantially, which helps your staff better manage patients in the waiting room or who may be calling for more pressing reasons.

Patient Forms Link

New patients like to be prepared for their visit before their first appointment. Plus, if you require forms from longstanding patients for other reasons beyond new patient history forms, you can simply direct customers to your website to input their information. Therefore, incorporating a forms link on your website is a feature that most patients will appreciate, and one that can simplify processes in the office.

Reviews from Other Patients

Reviews from other patients can be one of the most profound ways to garner positive traffic to your dental practice. Most modern patients will actively seek online reviews of a dental practice before they make an appointment. Making good reviews available on your website makes it simple for visitors to see what patients are saying.

Need Help with Your Dental Practice’s Website?

When built appropriately, your dental practice’s website can be a functional hub for information, attract visitors, and even simplify some of your everyday operations. If you suspect your dental practice website needs work, reach out to us at Digital Healthcare Professionals to schedule an appointment.

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