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Why Is Tracking Your Dental Practice Website Performance Important?

When you have a custom website built for your dental practice, this is only one step in your digital marketing plan. Tracking the website’s performance is a vital next step. However, many dental practice managers simply have a nice website created and hope for the best without ever keeping tabs on the site data after launch. Take a look at a few reasons why tracking your website’s performance consistently is important.

1. Make sure your SEO strategy is working

Implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is the key to getting your dental practice website noticed on search engines. However, once you strategize and set your plans in motion, it will be important that you monitor items like how site traffic is going and if the right web searchers are finding your site. If you see no changes, you may have to revisit your SEO strategy and adjust.

2. Make sure visitors have a good experience

One piece of data your performance report can yield is how long visitors spend on your website. If you have a high bounce rate (a high rate of quick visits with no interaction), it could be an indication that something is wrong with the website and needs to be addressed. For example, if a page is not loading properly, this can cause the site to look untrustworthy, which could lead to a high bounce rate.

3. Make sure your website is converting traffic

The website you have built for your website is in place for an important reason: to attract potential patients to your practice. If you see a great deal of site traffic but not a lot of new patient interactions, this, too, can be a sign that something about your website is not doing its job. For example, if visitors are not able to find contact information quickly, this could lead to low visitor conversions.

Talk to Digital Marketing Professionals

At Digital Healthcare Professionals, we understand just how vital it is for clients to know how their websites are performing. Therefore, we provide monthly reporting that provides an in-depth snapshot of performance from month to month. Need help with your dental practice website? Reach out to discuss your needs and get a custom quote.

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