What’s a Reasonable ROI for Your Marketing Dollars?

Marketing is such a broad term that it’s easy to get confused by what exactly it is. From there, the assumptions only get more tangled. If you’re investing in marketing as a dentist in San Diego, CA, just how much should you be making? We’ll look at why there isn’t always a straightforward answer, and what you can do to help manage your expectations (and your budget).

The Standard Rule: 5 to 1

The most oft-quoted advice is to make around $5 for every $1 of marketing you spend. (If you’re making $10 for every $1, this is considered exceptional). Anything below $2 to $1 is likely losing you money. The standard might sound great for anyone trying to convince themselves what the cost vs. reward is of their spending, but it doesn’t tell the full story.

The Trick of Measuring Your ROI

If you’re thinking about dental marketing ROI in San Diego, CA, you first and foremost need to remember that marketing and sales are technically two different departments. They may be closely linked, but marketing is more about getting the word out there and cementing your brand. It’s not the same thing as crafting a sales pitch.

Because marketing is more about a broad strategy than it is about conversion rates (even if conversion is the ultimate goal), it may be more difficult to track your ROI. You can certainly ask people how they heard about you, but their answer may not always directly connect to your marketing. For instance, a client may tell you that they heard about you through a friend. What they left out is that the friend heard about you thanks to your Facebook contest campaign.

Dental Marketing in San Diego

When you’re working with the right marketer in San Diego, they can tell you more about how your dental practice is likely to perform in certain territories. They can tell you more about the expectations of various audiences, so you can speak to them on their level — whether that’s in an email or on a web page. At Digital Healthcare Professionals, we tackle a wide variety of services that can help you gain a prospective customer’s trust, so you can grow your client base.

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