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Why Is Google My Business So Important?

Google My Business is a free tool from Google that allows business owners to take control of their online presence. When your patients search for a business online, the keywords they use can trigger the search engine to pull up your business name and location on the map.

Many business owners forget about just how important it is to reach the people who are physically closest to them, and just how much one search engine can impact their bottom line. Prioritizing their searches can be the key to boosting your revenue across the board.

Google My Business: The Business Profile

You may know from your own Google searches that there are plenty of businesses that show up in Google searches that don’t actually have a website. If you click on their information, it may provide little more than an address and a name. It begs the question: why would business owners establish a profile but supply practically no information about what they do?

The answer is that it’s possible the business owner didn’t set up their profile at all. Not everyone thinks it’s important to be online, especially if they’ve gone this long without it. A basic business profile only takes a few basic facts about the establishment to create it, which means that a total stranger can set up the profile and cause it to pop up on the map.

If you don’t want the narrative of your business to run away from, you need to have a concrete approach to how your customers are finding you. This will not only help you reach customers, but it can also help you find out what other people are saying about you.

Mastering the Strategy

Finding the right strategy for Google My Business starts with getting acquainted with the different features. Staying engaged with the available tools will show customers that you’re engaged with them. For instance, customers can ask you questions through Google My Business and get the answers they need to determine whether they want to take the next steps.

Local connections are powerful for a number of reasons. These are people who know everything from the customs to the streets of your city or town, and that common knowledge can be a foundation for the loyalty you need to both help your patients and get ahead.

You can also use analytics to determine how to adjust your profile and whether you need to add more information to it. From photos to hours to brand information, you’re building a bridge that can take your business to the next level.

Contact Digital Healthcare Solutions to Improve Local SEO

We are experts at finding out where your customers are, how they find you, and how you can find them. If you want to learn more about how we can best incorporate Google My Business into your larger local SEO strategy, contact us today to learn more.

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