How to Social Media: A Guide for Dental Professionals

As the owner of a dental practice, are you making the most of your social media presence? Is your dental office accessible via the big three — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Social media is a wondrous tool for capturing local traffic, but to use it correctly, you must appeal to people’s emotions. Give your followers a reason to frequent your practice over your competitors. Do this by posting content that’s important to your audience and by posting it frequently enough that they remember your name when it’s time to book a dental appointment. Here’s what we recommend.

Humanize Your Business

Social media is all about building communities. Become an active member by posting content that makes you appear human and approachable. Did someone in your dental office just have a baby? Celebrate it on social media. Does your dental hygienist have a son who just graduated college with honors? Brag, brag, brag. Post pictures of your newly renovated waiting area and weekly bios of your dental professionals. Let viewers know your business is sponsoring that 5K run for cancer and that your daughter just got married. People love to patronize businesses they trust. Every time you post something personal and humanizing about your practice, you’re building trust and recognition.

Make Important Information Easy to Find

Everyone should know your office hours and what days of the week you schedule dental appointments. They may also need your physical address and directions to your area locations. Put this information out there on social media so your dental practice is easy to find and contact.

Make Sure Viewers Know What You Do

Are your dental services listed in an easy-to-read format? Will visitors to your social media pages realize that your practice is also equipped to perform emergency oral surgery or that you can help straighten their child’s teeth with braces? Get your services online and make them easy to find and scan at a glance.

When you need help to build a social media presence for your dental practice, Digital Healthcare Professionals knows what to do. Contact us today for a free quote. We can help you make the most of your social media opportunities.

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