Humanizing Your Optometry Website: Making Clients Care About Your Business

Why do you shop where you shop? Which local services do you frequent regularly, and why? As a small business owner — the owner of a local optometry practice — asking yourself these questions may give you better insight into why your clients chose you over the competition. And once you understand the answers, you can use them to make your website more appealing to more people.

It’s all about making your practice feel more personable. How do you do this? You remind visitors to your site that you’re just like them. Here’s what we recommend.

Invest in Your Local Community

Being invested means more than just giving money to local charities. It also means sponsoring your hometown little league team and allowing the local girl scouts to sell cookies on your sidewalk. Being community conscious goes a long way toward building consumer trust in your optometry practice. Use your website as a tool for announcing all you do for your hometown. Post colorful images of the big game you helped sponsor, and congratulate this year’s local recipients of the scholarship your practice helped fund.

Allow the Community to Interact With Your Page

Add a forum to your website that allows visitors to ask questions, leave reviews, and discuss the service they received at their last appointment. Make sure you monitor this page, or pay someone to monitor and respond to it daily. Showing the local population that you care about their feelings and opinions is another great experiment in trust-building.

Show Your Human Side

What’s happening in your life right now? What’s happening in the lives of your employees? You can share happy announcements such as weddings, births, and milestones without being invasive. Posting images from your receptionist’s retirement party with her permission is plain good business. It makes your practice appear human and makes people want to invest in your success.

For more ideas on how to make your optometry website more successful, contact Digital Healthcare Professionals today.

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