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Geo-Targeting for Dentists: How to Increase Your Local Customer Base

You’ve probably heard the term geo-targeting. You may even realize that it’s a marketing term that means aiming your advertising content toward local traffic. But how can you use geo-targeting to help increase the amount of business that frequents your dental practice? As a business owner, you have many options for geo-targeting. We explain several of them below.

Build a Geo-Fence

A Geo-Fence is best described as a virtual perimeter around a real-world location. For example, with help from a digital marketing firm such as Digital Healthcare Professionals, you can designate a physical area that encompasses the location of your dental practice. When a visitor with a mobile device steps inside that perimeter, they trigger your geo-fence, meaning they begin receiving ads for your business for up to 30 days. You can put whatever you like in those ads, such as a coupon for a free cleaning or dollars off a dental procedure of choice. You can erect your virtual geo-fence wherever you want, including the blocks around your competitors’ offices, too.

Add Your Location To Your SEO

It’s difficult to find high-performing search engine keywords these days without spending tons of money. However, by adding your office location to popular terms that people search for on Google, you can optimize your search engine results for local business affordably. For instance, if a majority of people are searching Google for “best dental office near me,” you can cash in on that term by using “best dental office near me West Main Street, Paducah.”

Localize Your Landing Page

Because geo-targeting lets you read the visitor’s location when they click through to your site, you can create location-specific landing pages for different demographics. As an example, a visitor that pings from a nearby suburban neighborhood may see a page that’s slanted toward preventive dental care for families. Alternately, a visitor who pings from a business park across town may see a page dedicated to improving the appearance of adult smiles. The more you learn about the prospective clients who visit your site, the better suited you are to appeal to their needs. This is what geo-targeting is all about. We can get you started. Contact Digital Healthcare Professionals today.

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