Improving the Search Engine Results for Your Optometry Office

As an optometrist, you’re required to know a lot about disorders of the eye and how to care for them. You’re not, however, required to know a lot about search engine results pages (SERPS). Still, if you want to utilize your website to its full advantage, it benefits you to have an optometry site that ranks well in Google search. Therefore, it’s good to have a digital marketing firm on hand to help handle the non-eye-related aspects of your business.

What Are SERPS and Why Should I Care About Them?

Your search engine results are important because they let new customers find your business. If your optometry site is buried on page 17 of Google search, no one will ever find you there. Your optometry practice needs to rank well with Google to stay competitive. Here’s how.

Add Quality Content

To what questions do visitors to your site need answers? Figure out what questions people are Googling when looking for a local optometrist and then add content to your site that answers these questions. For instance, people may type “When Do I Need an Optometrist?” into Google search when trying to decide whether to book an appointment. This is your cue to put up a well-written article that answers this very question, with bonus points for using the question as the title.

Additionally, content posted on your site must be easy to scan quickly. This means using subtitles, bulleted lists, images, and more to your best advantage. Short paragraphs are best.

Optimize Speed

Content is king, but speed is important, too. No online visitor is going to wait minutes or even seconds for your website to load. Your site to be responsive so it loads quickly without glitching or freezing up. Using an online template that features responsive design can help you achieve this.

Optimize Images for Search

Online readers love images, but they have to be high-quality images that load easily and are interesting to view. Use alt tags in your images, and caption them using popular keywords in your niche. Doing so will help your site rank higher in Google search.

Digital Healthcare Professionals can help improve where your site falls in the SERPS. Call us today for a custom quote.

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