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The Importance of Link Building for Dental Practice Websites

In general, link building involves creating links between websites or webpages using hyperlinks within the content. Your dental practice website could benefit from proper link building, but why is that the case? Here is a look at some of the reasons why having good link-building strategies in place is important for your website.

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Link building onsite helps site visitors navigate between pages.

Internal linking involves simply installing links in your content that lead to other pages on the same website. For example, if you have a blog that covers the topic of tooth extractions, a link leading back to the service page on extractions on your website could be logically placed within the text. If the reading visitor reads your blog and then wants to know more about tooth extractions at your site specifically, they can easily navigate to that page. Likewise, internal links installed in call-to-actions could lead the visitor to a “contact” or “request an appointment” page.

Link building enhances the rankings of your website on major search engines.

The more times web users are led to your website, the better. Therefore, if you have backlinks placed on other pertinent websites that lead to your site, you may automatically get a boost in traffic. In addition, big search engines like Google use crawlers to find your links among other websites. And these links can automatically mean that Google will see your website as more important and worthy for a higher ranking in search engine results pages.

Link building helps keep visitors on your website longer.

Bringing visitors to your practice website from multiple backlink points is always a good thing. However, internal links help keep a visitor on your site for longer periods of time. For instance, a visitor may be led to your dental website after searching out information about dental implants and finding your blog listed in search results. Once they are reading the blog, the built-in links to other informational pieces within the text can retain their attention and hold them on your website for longer periods.

Let’s Talk About Your Dental Office’s Digital Marketing Strategy 

When it comes down to it, a number of small factors affect how well your dental practice’s website performs. Link-building may be a small objective, but it is an objective that can yield effective boosts for your site rankings among search engines. If you are ready to see your dental practice website better perform, reach out to us at the Digital Healthcare Professionals for help.

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