LinkedIn for Dentists: How to Post for Fellow Professionals

There are a variety of ways for dentists to reach out to current and prospective customers. The objective is to figure out how to best talk to people based on the platform — whether it’s print marketing or social media. The problem is that too many companies use the same strategy, forgetting that not only are the audiences different but the priorities are changing too. We’ll look at how to utilize LinkedIn so you can tailor your approach before creating content.

Play to Your Strengths

When you consider the content to post for professionals, consider what you can offer to them. It’s likely that if people are looking on LinkedIn for information about dental services, it will be based on the insurance plan they have. If your office is excellent at determining the benefits of different plans, don’t be afraid to boast about it. Social media marketing for dentists in San Diego, CA works best when you give your business a unique voice.

Talk about how your prices are lower than your competitors as a way to appeal to professionals who are looking to save money. Offer to take a look at their plans and explain how they relate to your services. Remind them that their dental plans can cover certain procedures as a way of driving in new business.

If you’ve noticed that you’re losing market share to a specific competing business, think about the unique selling points that will distinguish yourself from your competitors. Whether it’s the ease of filing a claim or more modern equipment, LinkedIn users are more likely to be looking for practical advantages as opposed to fun facts or photos that might be better suited to Facebook or Twitter.

Dental Marketing in San Diego

Dental marketing in San Diego, CA doesn’t have to be complicated, but it will take some time to put together. If you don’t have the bandwidth to go through strategies for your office on every social media platform, the staff at Digital Healthcare Professionals can help you keep it all straight. A professional browsing at work and a parent browsing on Instagram will have very different needs, so it helps to keep that in mind before you choose a content strategy and schedule.

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