Fine-Tuning Your Demographics: How Optometrists Can Take a Deeper Dive

Marketing for optometrists can look relatively straightforward from the outside. For instance, if you work in a city that attracts the retiree crowd, then your advertising will focus on issues like glaucoma or cataracts. If you’re in a city with plenty of young families, you’ll likely advertise sales on eyewear for kids. However, there are ways to take a deeper dive and filter your customers so you can say the right things to the right people.

One to One

The goal for optometrist marketing in San Diego, CA these days is to get as close to one-to-one as you can get. Ideally, you would alert a fashionista that the perfect pair of frames has gone on sale for them based on their facial measurements and style preferences. In the real-world, this is a tough ask for optometrists — especially if they work with patients from a variety of backgrounds. However, filtering by location, income, age, and even insurance coverage can all go a long way to fine-tuning your demographic.

Needs and Wants

Once you start tinkering with your lists, it’s a matter of considering the needs of your patients. So, a young professional with a starter job may have a very different budget and priorities than a retiree who needs cataract surgery. With every new marketing initiative, you have to think about the people on the list will receive the messages. Consider how the parent of a teenager would react to a postcard with a picture of a toddler on it. Or how a senior on a fixed-income would feel if they visited your website only to see pages splashed with photos of expensive designer frames.

Optometry Marketing in San Diego, CA

There’s a lot to consider if you want to redefine your target audience in San Diego, CA, but the basics are easy to understand. The goal of a marketer is to reach out to the local audience and get their brand noticed. If you need a staff with expertise in this matter, the staff at Digital Healthcare Professionals can help. Our marketers specialize in local healthcare practices. We understand not only what you have to offer, but how different people are likely to react to different products and services.

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