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3 Ways to Enhance Your Dental Office’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Your dental practice is a valuable part of the community, but you should have a stellar online presence just the same. Here is a look at a few ways to enhance your dental office’s digital marketing strategy.

Make your website discoverable with improved SEO.

Attracting new patients to your dental practice means you have to be vigilant about SEO. About 75 percent of people who search online for a product or service will not go beyond the initial first page of search results. If you do not have good SEO on your practice’s website, this means the site is likely listed somewhere beyond the first pages. Unfortunately, this also means that 75 percent of searchers will never see your website because they will never go beyond that first page of results they are shown.

Be more attentive to your social media pages.

Social media is ever-important for the brand image of a company, but it is often neglected as unimportant when it comes to health service providers like dental offices. If you want to make sure your digital marketing strategy is staying in line with others in your service arena, social media is a big deal. Boost your social media marketing strategy for your dental practice by:

  • Creating business pages on the most pertinent platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Posting on your social media profiles on a regular and predictable basis
  • Responding to incoming comments and questions from followers

Customize your blog for your target audience.

The bog is such an important part of your dental practice website. You will gain a lot of organic traffic from people looking for information related to your industry, but you can also utilize the blog as a way to inject more SEO into your website overall. Take the time to establish a well-designed blog, fill it with valuable information, and update the blog on a regular basis.

Talk to us About Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Dental Practice

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With so much focus on customer care, it can be difficult to find the time to handle a full strategy on your own. If you need help with your digital marketing strategy, reach out to us at Digital Healthcare Professionals for assistance.

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