What You Can Learn from Your Number One Competitor’s Web Presence

If you’re an optometrist in San Diego, you may only think about your web presence so often. However, there is a lot to consider when it comes to how your prospective customers are interacting with you and your competition when they’re online. We’ll look at what you can learn from your number one competitor, and how it might help you ramp up your digital marketing strategy.

Fast Glances

When you search for optometrists in your neighborhood, it pays to see who is popping up immediately. In some cases, it might be a subpar competitor with bad reviews and paid advertising. In other cases, it might be an optometrist that’s siphoning away business from you patient by patient. In the latter case, they might have great reviews and a killer website, one that is slowly costing you.

Rethinking Your Website

Your goals might be relatively modest when it comes to improving your optometry practice. For instance, you might want to increase revenue next year by 10%. Or you might hope to double your patient base in six months and open three new practices in 12 months. No matter what you’re going for, though, investing in your website is a message to your customers.

A better website presence shows them that you’re paying attention to what they’re searching for and what they need to know. From your operating hours to your invoicing, the more tools you can put online, the more functional your business will be. It may not be the deciding factor for a patient to choose you, but it’s all important when it comes down to their experience.

Digital Marketing for Optometrists

Digital marketing for optometrists in San Diego, CA is not like digital marketing for a toy store. The stakes are different, and so is the industry. Your biggest competitor may very well get all of their business through word of mouth, choosing not to have a website at all. This is not a reason to ignore your web presence, though. At Digital Healthcare Professionals, we can tell you with certainty that putting the time and effort into everything from your website menu to your social media responses all have an effect on your bottom line.

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